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Ocelot Group, LLC provides strategic risk solution and employee benefits support to corporate, municipal, and non-profit employers.  Our independent advisory support services work in concert with your team to minimize your risk as an employer & business owner, while simultaneously empowering employees to make educated decisions to best-fit their needs.

Our independent insurance & retirement professionals apply top-advisor best practices along with in-depth product knowledge to develop unique solutions for you and your employees.  
Ocelot Group, LLC forms a support service partnership with each client to ensure complete protection of cash flow, property, workforce productivity, and our client’s overall organization reputation.

Are you confident you are meeting all critical pieces in fulfilling your organization’s role as a retirement plan sponsor?  Would you be ready for a Department of Labor or IRS plan audit?

Individual Insurance

Business Insurance

Employee Benefits

Specialty Casualty

Workers Compensation

Private corporation, Non-profit, or individual, we have the knowledge and experience to help you with a broad range of insurance, retirement products and an Ocelot more.

Fiduciary Assessment

Your current plan design may or may not be the best fit for your organization going forward.  Ocelot Group analyzes your entire employee benefits offering to ensure optimal efficiency for your firm.

An Independent Firm Retirement Plan Products Engage Your Employees